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What This Is

I can tell you that it is not rocket science! Once you have the tools at your fingertips, improved health, wellness, and enhanced vitality does come quickly, easily and it does come naturally.

Welcome, I am Dr. Stacey Cooper.

I have created Lifestyle Balance Solutions in order to provide a gateway that you can step through in order to live your life to the fullest.

I am here to help dispel the myths for you and show you the way to Better Body Function and Healthy Weight Loss.

You will be provided with the information you need in order for you to be the healthiest you, with minimal effort! The secret behind my method is that you don’t have to add anything new, you actually get to eliminate things from your life which are draining your vitality.

One of the greatest advantages of my system is that you are able to implement it immediately! There are no special gadgets to buy, no special formulas to mix, no added expenses for specialty items. So my system truly saves you time, energy, and money, all the while increasing your stamina, decreasing your stress levels, and enhancing your vitality.

The Healthy Eating Blueprint
consists of
  • Downloadable videos
    showing you how to provide
    Better Fuels for Your Body.
  • You will also receive a downloadable pdf
    Follow-Along Guide Book
    for your convenience
  • You will receive my Healthy Shopping Blueprint
    This will enable you to save time
    and effort when grocery shopping
  • Also included is my Healthy Fuels Cookbook
    This downloadable e-book cookbook is packed full of delicious
    and easy to prepare recipes that the whole family will love
  • The Healthy Smoothie Blueprint
    Provides you with my foundation for every
    smoothie I make plus a variety of smoothie recipes for you to enjoy
  • You will also receive additional videos
    Regarding how easy it is to make a Smoothie, How to Pick
    the Perfect Avocado as well as my Eliminating Toxins Blueprint.
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Here is What You Get

You will receive downloadable manuscripts for each of the 5 modules in their entirety. This will enable you to read along and take notes if you choose. It also serves as a quick reference guide for you to refer to. You will also receive my “Healthy Shopping Blueprint”. This is a fill-in-able pdf that you can download and use on your laptop to create your next grocery list, OR you can print it off and keep it handy to mark off items as you run out of them so that when it is time to go shopping, your list is already completed for you thus saving you time and effort.

You will also receive my “Healthy Fuels Cookbook”. This is a downloadable e-book of recipes that have been tested in my home kitchen. They are easy to follow and have been tested by my family. Our four children enjoy making these recipes and especially enjoy devouring the end products. I always figure, what good is it to have a recipe if the kids don’t like it and won’t eat it. So you will not find any of those kinds of recipes in my “Healthy Fuels Cookbook”!

You will also receive my “Healthy Smoothie Blueprint”. This package consists of my foundation for every smoothie I make. My smoothies provide for your body all of the necessary requirements for a complete meal, all the while using real foods in order to achieve this. You will also receive a ‘How-To’ video on Smoothie Making in order to show you how easy it is to make a smoothie and why it can be such a time saver especially in the morning rush. Also included here is a downloadable recipe book of some of my favourite variations of my smoothie recipes.

You will also receive my video on “Picking the Perfect Avocado”. This vegetable is so versatile and provides such a great fuel for your body yet so many people are afraid of the Avocado. We do fear what we do not know. So I will show you step-by-step how to select, prepare and enjoy this misunderstood fabulous fuel for the body.

And, you will also receive my “Eliminating Toxins Blueprint”. I will demonstrate how easy it is to decrease the toxic load on your system.

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All lifestyle choices you make now will affect your outcome!

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Crystina Berardi, age 20
Chiropractic Patient, Brantford, Ontario.

Joanne Berardi, age 49
Chiropractic Patient, Brantford, Ontario.

I recently attended her Lecture Series, which I highly recommend, and I learned about healthy lifestyle choices and living a balanced life. Through social media Dr.Cooper is always offering information on making healthy choices. I encourage everyone to seek out the vast information that she has available for her patients and the public too.

Crystina Berardi, age 20
Chiropractic Patient, Brantford, Ontario.

Just this past year I got very sick and lost my voice for about 4 months. Everything I tried made it worse. I went to go see Dr. Stacey. She explained about better fuels for the body and I took her advise and to my amazement my voice was back within a week! Since then I have attended Dr. Stacey’s lecture series. Dr. Stacey has been a huge help to me. I strongly recommend everyone check her out!

Amanda Iuvinale, age 32
Chiropractic Patient, Brantford, Ontario.

Dr. Cooper has a wellness centred approach. I have had a chance to attend a number of the workshops she has held and have gained a holistic understanding on how to nurture my body and create a sustained wellness and holistic approach to healing. I feel a longer sustained energy, minimized the mid-day headaches and I feel better. I would strongly encourage people to attend Dr. Cooper's lecture series.

Barb Allgood, age 50
Chiropractic Patient,
Burford, Ontario.

Dr. Cooper gave me some healthy eating tips. Within two months I dropped at least 10 pounds and two pant sizes by cutting out "white" foods and dairy.

At Lifestyle Balance Solutions, we GUARANTEE that if you are not completely satisfied with the value of your purchase, we will issue a full refund within the first 60 days from your purchase date.

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All lifestyle choices you make now will affect your outcome!

So click the button and get started on your journey today to a healthier you with increased energy levels, decreased stress levels and more fun in your life!